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10ct Yellow Gold Collection designed for the adventurous and daring ones...

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Lovingly handcrafted jewellery is the perfect gift this Christmas. Jewellery never sparkles more than during the Christmas season.

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Over 40 Years Experience in the Jewellery Industry...

Meet Kalleh Levonian

Meet Kalleh Levonian

Kalleh Levonian, a third generation jeweller/gem setter is the head of KL Diamonds, and the top diamond setter located in the heart of Sydney's jewellery district. Levonian Jewellery was founded by Kalleh’s late father Hagop in 1977. At sixteen years of age Kalleh started as a gem & diamond setter, and has been driving business development and growth ever since. Kalleh has studied various jewellery, diamond setting and gemmology courses throughout the years and continuously strives to develop his skills and techniques using the latest trends & technology.

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Experience The Luxury of a Beautiful Statement Piece.

Lovingly Handcrafted in our Sydney Workshop.

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KL Diamonds has over 40 years experience as a 3rd Generation Jeweller & Gem Setter

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Organic Forms - KL Diamonds

Organic Forms

Somewhere on your journey don’t forget to turn around and enjoy the view. Inspired by natures organic forms this collection...

Vintage Inspired - KL Diamonds

Vintage Inspired

Vintage jewellery reflects fantastic moments in time and are often inspiration for modern trends. Fall in love and get swept back in...

One of a Kind

One of a Kind

Be you, be bold, be unique, be one of a kind... Discover a one off piece.


Custom Design Your Dream Engagement Ring

Custom Design Your Dream Engagement Ring

Let us help you articulate exactly what it is you’re looking for. With over 40 years of experience in the jewellery industry, KL Diamonds is the place where you can share your vision of your design, and where we are able to share our expertise on the manufacture of that design.

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Everything You Need to Know About Tennis Bracelets

Everything You Need to Know About Tennis Bracelets

What's all the fuss about Tennis Bracelets and why are they trending? The tennis bracelet is an undying symbol of elegance... Discover how to select the perfect Diamond Tennis Bracelet and check its quality. Learn about the styles of bracelets, how much they cost and how to clean your diamond bracelet at home...

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Sustainable Jewellery Packaging

Sustainable Jewellery Packaging

All KL Diamonds boxes are handcrafted and made from a solid piece of beautiful Tasmania Oak timber. Each piece of timber has been sourced from sustainable forests and managed to ensure the balance and biodiversity of the surrounding area is maintained.

Our boxes are uniquely designed to have the same grain in the lid and base and finished with a lovely natural satin wax.

By receiving this beautiful box you have supported landscape regeneration initiatives.


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