Pink Diamonds

The rarity of natural Argyle Pink diamonds marks them as the ultimate expression of luxury and exclusivity. The limited supply of the Argyle Pink diamond is governed by nature, and is therefore one of the rarest gems that is highly sought after worldwide. Collectors, traders and jewellers designers pursue owning an Argyle pink diamond as they are becoming increasingly rare with time, and therefore predicted to increase immeasurably in reverence and value.

The discovery of the sustainable source of the Argyle Pink diamond in Western Australia’s Kimberley region in the late 1970’s, marked a new era that changed the coloured diamond market. In 1983, the Rio Tinto mining corporation commenced operation of the Argyle Diamond mine. The Argyle Diamond mine is now recognised as one of the world’s leading suppliers of coloured diamonds.

KL Diamonds is fortunate enough to have acquired a number of Argyle pink diamonds, ranging from 0.005ct to 4.00 carats in size, in varying intensities. Our passion is intensely vivid coloured diamonds, hence we also stock a large number of loose natural coloured diamonds which have been sourced from throughout the world, including Red, Blue, Pink, Green, Purple, Yellow, Orange, Cognac, Champagne and Black.

Pink Lake