Everything You Need to Know About Diamond Tennis Bracelets

What's all the fuss about Tennis Bracelets and why are they trending?

The tennis bracelet is an undying symbol of elegance. Sleek and understated, the selection of diamonds set securely into a flexible, linked band has been popular since the 1920’s when stylish women would wear them stacked on their wrists. Who ever said you can only have one!

Where Did The Term 'Tennis Bracelet' Come From

The Tennis Bracelet we know and love, hasn’t always been known by that name. Back in the day everyone called it an Eternity Bracelet and it wasn’t until the 18-time Grand Slam Champion Chris Evert, played a fierce game in the US Open and her diamond bracelet flew off her wrist. Evert, was known as one of the most chic women in the sport, who regularly wore jewellery which soon become her signature.

After Everts powerful swing that sent her Eternity Bracelet flying, the match came to a standstill while they searched the court to recover her piece. That moment created such a scene that the bracelet style become known with the sport. It wasn’t long until fans from all over the world started seeking out their own “tennis bracelet”.

1920's Fashion - Classic Tennis Bracelet

How to Select The Perfect Diamond Tennis Bracelet and Check Its Quality

When it comes to selecting the perfect Diamond Tennis Bracelet and accessing its quality, you’ll need to pay attention to two things:

  1. The metal used to make the bracelet
  2. The sparkle of the diamonds.

Tennis bracelets come in several different metals. The most common is 14ct and 18ct white gold, yellow gold and rose gold, as well as platinum and sterling silver.
There’s no ‘best metal to choose. Instead, they offer their own look and feel allowing each owner to express themselves and are all durable enough for everyday wear.

Classic Tennis Bracelet

For the diamonds, you’ll want to look at them closely with the naked eye or look at a high resolution image. Make sure they offer brilliance (this means that light reflects back to the eye, creating sparkle). If you’re purchasing a Diamond Bracelet online then check the product description because the clarity and colour is often noted there. All KL Diamonds Tennis Bracelets are set with F/VS small diamonds – the perfect colour and clarity that offers a stunning sparkle that will catch your eye (read more on colour and clarity).
When it comes to certifications, buying a Diamond Tennis Bracelet is different to when you buy an engagement ring. The centre diamonds for engagements rings should always be certified to make sure they’re of high quality. However, for Tennis Bracelet that’s not the case. The stones set in the bracelet are so small so it’s not worth the expense of grading the diamonds. For example, to certify 55 diamonds used in a typical tennis bracelet, you would need to spend close to $5,000 on certifications alone. Due to the high cost, Tennis Bracelet diamonds aren’t graded or certified.
This makes it essential that you buy your bracelet from a fully vetted and reputable jeweller like KL Diamonds. Much of what you’re paying for in any Tennis Bracelet is the craftsmanship and style that went into making it, which is why KL Diamonds is known for their Tennis Bracelets. Setting diamonds is a highly sought after skill that requires patience and years of experience and at KL Diamonds we have over 40 years of industry experience.

Styles of Tennis Bracelets 

The average length of a Diamond Tennis Bracelet is 18cm with varies styles. The most common design has one row or loop of diamonds, and some bracelets have two or three rows of stones. Majority of bracelets are set with round brilliant cut diamonds to maximise sparkle, although some styles are designed with emerald cut or princess cut diamonds.
Settings are usually made with one of three variations: claw, channel or bezel. Each design securely holds the diamond and offers a unique look. Similar to the metal you choose, there’s no “best” bracelet design — instead, the design you choose should be based on personal favourite.
  • Claw Set: Usually three or four claws per diamond. Both options hold the stones securely and allow light to pass through the diamond’s pavilion (the bottom half of the diamond).
  • Channel: Designed with two rows of thin metal to hold the stone on either side (with the stones in the middle). Diamonds fit closely together.
  • Bezel (or Half Bezel): Your selected metal surrounds the stone, similar to a watch head. In a half bezel, metal is connected to only two sides of the stone.

Diamond Tennis Bracelet - KL Diamonds

How Much Does a Tennis Bracelet Cost

Tennis Bracelet prices varies depending on the metal type, the number of diamonds and the size of diamonds. A Tennis Bracelet price starts at roughly $2,500 and can move up considerably from here.

How to Clean Your Diamond Tennis Bracelet at Home

Over time it’s normal for your diamond bracelet to lose its brilliance from the build-up of dirt, soaps and other products leaving a film on the stones. To make sure your bracelet sparkles all year round, all you’ll need is a tooth brush, warm water and dishwashing detergent.
Gently brush the stones using a little bit of detergent in warm running water and pat dry with a paper towel.

Tip: don’t clean your bracelet over then sink without a plug in the drain just in case a diamond loosens, and pops put!

If a stone happens to pop out don’t worry, it’s an easy fix for a diamond setter and at KL Diamonds we provide a lifetime guarantee on all products.

When to Buy Tennis Bracelets

Diamond bracelets make for beautiful and thoughtful gifts all year round. Because of their timeless design and undying symbol of elegance, tennis bracelets are often purchased as a family investment and passed down for generations as family heirlooms and keepsakes.

KLD Gift Boxes
A diamond bracelet can make the perfect gift for any of the below special occasions:

  • Wedding anniversary (15th, 10th, 15th, 25th )
  • Wedding Day Gift (for spouse, mother, mother-in-law, grandmother)
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Birthday (30th, 40th, 50th)
  • Mother’s Day
  • Graduation (high school, college, graduate school, medical school)
  • Birth of a child (push present)
  • Job promotion
  • Achievement of an exciting milestone
  • Retirement
  • Christmas, or other holidays
  • Or stack it with your existing bracelet like the trend setters in the 1920’s
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